The UrbanLab is a design studio and fabrication lab founded by Tony Orantes & Norberto Melendez.
Our focus is on designing and executing solutions with a sensitive, modern, and innovative mindset. Stemming from the experience of its founders, the UrbanLab uses the latest digital creative tools in combination with traditional and cutting-edge production techniques to produce successful, well detailed, progressive designs. The work often blurs the line between art, architecture, and industrial design. Our experience and capabilities also provide a unique value to our clients. We are able to inform our clients about real project/production cost early in the design stages of our services, so that budgets can be met or adjusted, or design scopes re-evaluated.

The project range encompasses large and small scale building related design, custom architectural accessories/objects, development of new construction related building components, and industrial-product design.

Our studio principle is that design is inclusive and not exclusive. We consider ourselves generalists in design, and we thrive on solving challenges that other studios may find out of their scope of expertise. We approach each project in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Our ideas strive to innovate and raise expectations of how design should be approached. We encourage our clients to follow us into those areas that involve research and finding new solutions to old problems.

Most important for those considering our studio for a project is that we believe that design has a responsibility to provoke a response. The work is successful when it generates thought or discussion. The physical realizations of the ideas must also provide lasting, responsible, and real solutions for the client and environment.

UrbanLab Design provides a background that informs design, fabrication, and innovation in a tightly integrated manner. We seek opportunities to test ideas and projects that enhance the human experience.



These are links to some of the clients and collaborators we have had the privilege to work with. They show the high level of ideation, quality, and standards that we work within.

  • Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects
  • Cary Bernstein, Architect
  • Lundberg Design
  • Endres Studio
  • Ware Associates
  • Handel Architects
  • AIA San Francisco
  • David Baker Architects
  • Fougeron Architecture
  • Cass Calder Smith Architecture
  • Hulburd Design
  • Craig Steely Architecture
  • Boor Bridges Architecture
  • Quezada Architecture
  • Andrew Skurman Architects
  • Ken Linsteadt Architects
  • Ryan Associates
  • Howard S. Wright Builders
  • Van Acker Construction Associates
  • Devlin/MacNally Construction
  • Forsythe General Contractors
  • Peninsula Custom Homes
  • Strandberg Engineering
  • Plant Construction
  • BCCI Builders
  • City of Yountville ,CA