Tony Orantes

Partner-Technical Director
Tony grew up in Northern California. While studying Architecture at Cal-Poly SLO, he realized he had an affinity for fabrication and material processes. Upon graduation he used this talent to gain a position at Lundberg Design where he refined the role of the integration of fabrication, design, and architecture. Since then he has been involved in projects ranging from product scale, to large structures. He has had the chance to collaborate with designers such as Holt Hinshaw, Fugeron Architecture, Stanley Saitowitz, Craig Steely, and David Baker.

Norberto Melendez

Partner-Creative Director
Norberto comes from the Monterey Bay area. While at Cal-Poly Norberto started to see his interest in technology, design, and innovation directing his creative focus. He moved directly to a position at EHHD Architecture, and then saw the value of the integration of in studio fabrication and design while at Lundberg Design. He worked closely with architect Craig Steely during the early stages of his career, while also continuing his exploration of graphics, imagery, and technology in the design process by consulting for renown photographers Doug Menuez and Michele Clement as they moved into the digital age and developed their marketing and digital techniques.